Baldwin Publishing is the premier sponsor of the American Hospital Association’s Calendar of Health Observances and Recognition Days in 2023.

Baldwin Publishing has been creating health content for nearly 30 years for hospitals and health plans, with a focus on writing timely content that aligns with health observance days. The Society of Healthcare Strategy and Market Development (SHSMD), the marketing arm of the American Hospital Association (AHA)TM, publishes an annual calendar of health observances, and Baldwin Publishing is once again sponsoring the 2023 SHSMD health observance calendar.

The 2023 SHSMD Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days is a timely resource that helps professionals in the hospital industry plan their marketing, communications and human resource strategies throughout the year. The calendar includes a listing of health awareness days, weeks and months that help guide internal and external hospital communications, community health promotions, employee recognition events and social media campaigns.

From highly publicized observances, such as Breast Cancer Awareness Month and American Heart Month, to lesser-known health awareness days, such as World Asthma Day and World Mental Health Day, the American Hospital Association calendar provides information about important observances within the healthcare industry. The calendar is also filled with many recognition days for healthcare professionals, from National Nursing Assistants Week to National Doctor’s Day.

Baldwin’s health content offerings perfectly align with the many health observances and recognition days included in SHSMD’s hospital observance calendar. Our editorial team produces articles, videos, recipes and graphics focused on many of the same topics found in the calendar published by the American Hospital Association.

To make our content as easy to use as possible for hospital marketers, we offer a curated content package that comes complete with timely health content alongside a user-friendly health awareness guide. This makes it a breeze for hospital marketers to know when to publish content on social media, blogs and newsletters to achieve maximum engagement.

We also offer access to our extensive health content library, putting thousands of medically-reviewed articles at the fingertips of health marketers so they can choose the articles they need to promote health observances, hospital services and more. Content can easily be customized to highlight services and events, encourage appointments and start conversations.

The 2023 SHSMD Calendar of Health Observances & Recognition Days is available to download for free on the SHSMD website. For more information about the health content offered by Baldwin Publishing that aligns with the health observances listed in the calendar, contact us.