February 2022 Health Days Calendar includes American Heart Month, National Cancer Prevention Month, Cardiac Rehab Week & these important days…

Here are the important February health awareness days Baldwin Publishing includes in our “Celebrate Today!” Health Days Calendar. Recognize these health observances on your blog, newsletter, website and social media to drive online traffic in 2022.

February Health Days Calendar

  • American Heart Month

High blood pressure can increase the risk of developing serious health issues, including heart attack and stroke. Share these steps on how to lower blood pressure with your patients for American Heart Month.

  • National Cancer Prevention Month

Type 2 diabetes has been associated with an increased risk of some types of cancers. Share healthy lifestyle tips with your patients to help lower their risk of contracting certain types of cancer.

  • Cardiac Rehab Week (Feb. 13th—19th)

Anyone with a heart problem that requires medical care or surgery can benefit from cardiac rehab. Talk to your heart patients about the benefits of cardiac rehab for their health.

  • Eating Disorders Awareness Week (Feb 21st—27th)

It is estimated that as many as 4 million people in the U.S. have a binge eating disorder. Help your patients identify the telltale signs of binge eating so they can seek out medical care.

  • Wear Red Day (February 4th)

Many people think of heart disease as a men’s condition. But in reality, cardiovascular disease affects more women than men. Share information on the myths about women and heart disease, as well as the disarming facts.

  • World Cancer Day (February 4th)

Cancer affects millions of Americans each year. Knowledge is power when it comes to staying protected from environmental triggers for cancer, and staying healthier overall. Share answers to some of the most common questions about this disease.

  • National Pizza Day (February 9th)

People love pizza! Share the Health eCooking® gluten free pizza recipe. It uses cauliflower instead of bread crust. This nutrient-packed pizza is heart healthy and high in fiber, too.

National Pizza Day