Use June employee health day observances to encourage hospital employee retention.

Looking for new ways to encourage hospital employee retention? Use this health day calendar to plan events and activities that boost morale among hospital employees.

Baldwin Publishing’s employee health day calendar is a 12-month planning tool that outlines health days and observances that hospital staff can use to plan special events and activities for their employees. These hospital health days can be used as team building opportunities, which help employees connect to their workplace and establish stronger ties with their coworkers.

Don’t miss another opportunity to celebrate hard-working hospital employees through these health days. The hospital employee calendar is an important employee retention tool for department managers and human resource directors. Use it to plan recognition ceremonies, celebrations and activities throughout the year.

Marketing departments and community education departments can use this employee health day calendar to plan community health events and social media campaigns.

Encourage hospital employee retention by celebrating these health days in June 2022:

  • National Cancer Survivors Day® (June 5th)

There are more than 17 million cancer survivors in the U.S. Plan a celebration for these patients and the hospital staff that care for them.

  • World Blood Donor Day (June 14th)

Host a blood drive or set up an information booth to educate staff and the public on the importance of blood donation.

  • Nursing Assistants Week (June 16th)

Acknowledge the hard work of your nursing assistants this week. Give them a few minutes of rest by setting up a dark relaxation room with music and herbal tea.

  • Juneteenth (June 19th)

Today is about celebrating Black culture, history and life. Hold a team celebration to acknowledge the meaning behind this day and its importance to your staff members.

  • Social Media Day (June 30th)

Let staff shine by taking a team photo and posting it on the hospital’s social media page.

  • Men’s Health Month

Plan a campaign to encourage male staff members to live a healthier lifestyle.

  • National Safety Month

Paint a padlock gold to create a traveling trophy for staff members who make safety and security a priority.

PLAN AHEAD for 2023!

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