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How a cookbook fundraising incentive increased public television station donations

 See why more than 200 PBS stations are promoting Baldwin Publishing’s Healthy Cookbook as a new member incentive.

Public television stations across the country have something to celebrate! New members are opening their wallets thanks to a new television program featuring Mimi Guarneri, MD and her exclusive donor package.

The show, called Live Better Now with Mimi Guarneri, MD, is a 2-hour program that airs on more than 200 public television stations nationwide. Dr. Guarneri translates the science of health, healing and longevity into practical answers to lead viewers to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Prior to airing of the show, Dr. Guarneri of Pacific Pearl La Jolla approached Baldwin Publishing looking for a branded cookbook to use as a PBS fundraising incentive. Baldwin developed a fresh new cookbook filled with vegetarian recipes and included custom content requested by Dr. Guarneri. We also designed custom covers and branded the book for a PBS donor gift. Dr. Guarneri’s initial order of 2,500 cookbook fundraising incentives is being depleted fast and will soon be expanded to meet consumer demand.

As part of Live Better Now with Mimi Guarneri, MD, viewers are invited to receive a premium donor package. This unique combination of premiums is exclusive for public television donors and is not available anywhere else. The package includes the Pacific Pearl La Jolla Healthy Vegetarian Recipe Cookbook (developed by Baldwin Publishing) as well as the Live Better Now program DVD and bonus 5-DVD set covering key topics of the program, the Live Better Now workbook, Dr. Guarneri’s Jump Start Grocery List, Basic Laboratory Test Menu and a coupon for Dr. Guarneri’s Personalized Lifestyle Genetic Panel.

Dr. Guarneri’s show and her donor premium package, including the cookbook fundraising incentive by Baldwin Publishing, are garnering rave reviews.

November 30th, 2018|