This month, Baldwin editors rolled out COVID-19 vaccine content for hospitals to communicate vaccine facts with their communities.

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, healthcare marketers are racing to create content that convinces people to roll up their sleeve and get a shot. Baldwin Publishing is helping organizations win the vaccine content race.

This month, our editors released new COVID-19 vaccine articles that can be used to share important vaccine information. Like all of our COVID-19 content, the vaccine articles comply with CDC guidelines and are certified by U.S. licensed medical reviewers.

Baldwin Publishing developed hundreds of COVID-19 health articles during the pandemic. Our goal has been to help organizations communicate virus prevention information and lifestyle hacks that limit the spread of COVID-19.

Our new vaccine content will help hospitals build a communication plan for the best virus prevention strategy yet – vaccinations. 

Baldwin Publishing’s editors and dietitians create new health content daily throughout the year. Our health articles are easy to customize by adding local information.

How to customize Baldwin Publishing’s COVID-19 vaccine articles

Baldwin Publishing’s COVID vaccine content is delivered complete with html coding so it’s ready to be published with no additional work needed. The content is optimized and includes large images to post on websites, blogs, social media and newsletters.

All of the health articles in our COVID-19 library are white-labeled. Content can be used as delivered or can be easily customized. In fact, we recommend health organizations customize vaccine articles by inserting information like this:

  • Who is eligible for a COVID vaccine in your community?
  • Where can people go for a vaccine?
  • Which vaccine is available?
  • Is there a fee for the vaccine?
  • Do people need an appointment?

How health organizations use COVID-19 vaccine articles

Here are a few ways hospitals have customized vaccine articles and distributed them using various digital communication platforms:

Do you need help with content to communicate vaccine information quickly and efficiently to your community?

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