As hospital newsletter editors, we used to wonder what newsletter article would grab the most attention.  Now we know.

We looked at recent wellness content data and identified 3 of the most clicked articles in hospital newsletters:

  1. “5 Heart Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore” – Baldwin created over 250 cardiac articles for Deborah Heart and Lung Center last year and this one article generated 30% more click-through traffic than recipes, quizzes and events.
  2. “5 Things You Need to Know about Lyme Disease” – Got ticks? Then write about them. Last July, Rutland Regional Medical Center received a 32% open rate and hundreds of clicks from this all-important subject line: “Ticks in Vermont: The Fears, the Facts.”
  3. Patient stories – Any patient who loses 100 pounds is worth a story. At FirstHealth of the Carolinas, bariatric patient stories are worth their weight in gold. The highest bariatric eNewsletter open rate featured the subject line “Bariatric Patient Shares His Story of Weight Loss Success.”