Americans stuck at home and hungry for local information about the pandemic are clicking on hospital websites to read coronavirus articles.

Hospital websites are seeing a surge in new visitors. The COVID-19 outbreak is sending more viewers to community health websites and hospital social media sites. That’s because people want to read coronavirus articles from trusted sources.

Google analytics data shows coronavirus articles are among the most popular content on hospital websites in March.

A hospital marketing director who manages more than 80 websites reports that website impressions increased 15% in mid-March. And social shares of coronavirus articles is up 650%.

Baldwin Publishing produces coronavirus content for more than 300 hospital and health websites. In March, our team of writers, editors and graphic artists released a robust coronavirus content library loaded with articles, infographics and images.

The uptick in hospital web traffic makes sense. Hospital websites are trusted sources for heath news. And every hospital in the nation is poised to become a front-line provider as the virus spreads across communities.

Baldwin Publishing’s articles are reviewed by Baldwin’s medical review team so hospital communicators are assured our coronavirus content is factual, accurate and complies with CDC and medical guidelines. Baldwin content is white-labeled so health communicators can customize it and post to all of their digital media platforms.

It’s not only hospital websites that are tracking a boost in coronavirus article traffic. Both the New York Times and The Washington Post report a surge in web traffic. According to the Post, one of the world’s most-viewed news sites, had six of the seven busiest days in its history during a mid-March coronavirus reporting cycle.

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