Food prices are higher everywhere. Baldwin Publishing’s COVID nutrition content shows you how to eat healthy on a budget.

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating hardships for families across the nation, including wreaking havoc on Americans’ bank accounts and dinner tables. Thousands of people are out of work. Others are losing income because of illness or caring for a loved one.

And food prices are higher in 2020, hitting consumer pocketbooks across the nation. Grocery prices have skyrocketed as more people are cooking and eating at home. Supply chain issues and plant closings due to COVID-19 outbreaks are partly to blame. According to CNN, meat and poultry prices rose nearly 11%, egg prices increased 10% and the cost of cereal and fresh vegetables went up about 4% from February to June of this year.

As Americans struggle financially, many are finding it more difficult to afford nutritious food. A national survey by Consumer Reports found that nearly one in five people say they have accepted charitable food donations since the start of the pandemic. Some families are doing the best they can at the supermarket, but are limiting or skipping healthy foods that would typically make it into their shopping cart.

Baldwin Publishing has been producing hundreds of COVID-19 health articles this year, and our most popular topics come from our COVID nutrition content library.  Our editors and dietitians provide new information and hacks every week to help consumers live and eat healthier through the pandemic. Our pandemic nutrition content is available for healthcare communications, health websites, and patient education platforms.

One component of this COVID nutrition content includes tips for eating healthier when budgets are tight.

These are the most popular articles this month in Baldwin’s COVID nutrition content library:

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All of Baldwin Publishing’s nutrition content is medically reviewed and ready-to-use. This white-labeled content is easy to customize and post on social media, in newsletters, and on blogs.

Hospitals need to share new pandemic health information with their communities every day. From hand-washing and mask-wearing directives to how to manage mental health issues, health communication teams want to offer important information about staying healthier. By providing nutrition content that addresses pandemic issues, Baldwin Publishing is proud to expand the coronavirus content we offer so it touches on all aspects of everyday life that impact the health of families across the nation at this time.

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