Are You Using The Wrong Social Media Platform To Target New Patients?

These are the best social sites to target patients with social media health content when they need screenings, surgeries and wellness services

Social media health content has become a crucial tool for health organizations who need to connect with new patients. The average person spends more than two hours on social media every day. Effective strategies for connecting with people change among demographics, however. By targeting the correct age group on the digital platform they use, health organizations can find new patients more quickly.

How to post Facebook content fast and easy using Baldwin Publishing’s Social Media Guide

Watch this video for quick tips on how to use our automated posting tool

Planning and Posting articles to social media just got a whole lot easier. Baldwin Publishing’s Social Media Guide is filled with more than 300 days of engaging content for popular health observances and celebrations. And our automated posting tool makes it easy to post to social platforms such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social or any other planner in just seconds.

How social media raises awareness about addiction

Want to get the word out about substance abuse prevention and treatment? Here’s how Facebook and Twitter can help.

One of the most pressing health issues today is addiction. From misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs to the non-medical use of prescription opioid medications, communities across the nation are experiencing a crisis of epidemic proportions. Health providers and small community hospitals face a challenge that’s almost too big to handle.